Why You Need to Choose a Professional Press Release Writing Provider

Press release writing is an effective form of communication that can attract a number of people: the media, customers, investors and other stakeholders. It can boost a brand’s exposure because it can reach far and wide.

However, if you decide to hire a writing service to do the job for you, you need to choose a professional company that has the reputation and proven track records. It is also important that they can help you achieve your goals, whether you want to be an industry leader, attract investors and customers or boost traffic to your website.

Why is it important to choose a professional writing service? Check out why you need to carefully do your research to connect with a credible service:

1.They can create flawless content for your business.

A professional service can provide well written press release distribution newswire writing service that are free from grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. It follows the right format and syntax, written in a professional tone and has no buzzwords and industry jargons.

They have a set of writers who are professionally skilled and have experience in writing releases about any industry. The writers know how to include the right angle that will get the interest of the media.

A poorly written release with the wrong format, stuffed with grammatical mistakes and is lengthy will not get picked up. If you hire a professional service, they will craft a release that can give results.  They ensure that they edit it to avoid errors.

2.They know the importance of writing catchy headlines (and subject lines too).

The right newswire company providing writing service knows how to craft catchy, interesting and newsworthy headlines that get media attention. They know the rules to follow when writing a headline that increases the chance that a journalist clicks to your story.

They know that the headline isn’t the only important element in pitching. They spend a great amount of time thinking of the subject line that catches the media. A good subject line summarizes what the story is all about.

3.They keep the information at the top of the release.

Almost everyone is busy. They want to read stories that provide the information right from the start. Aside from that, people get bored easily with long and boring content like press releases.

A professional service knows the readers weakness. They know that it is important for them to include the 5Ws (what, where, when, who, why) and 1H (how)  at the introduction to draw the readers in right from the start.

If you choose a good writing company, they can do this job for you. They can formulate your story following the correct format to keep the reader’s interest.

They know that they need to add multimedia, including images, video or infographics to create an engaging and interesting story. It makes the content lively and easier to digest.

4.They can recommend facts and figures to include in the release.

Professional writing providers know the importance of including facts and figures in your release. It adds credibility and significance to your story.

They can suggest you the information that you can add to your announcement to make it more credible. The information supports your claim as it verifies whatever you are sharing with the public.

A release with supporting facts garner media attention. Customers are more likely to engage with brands that can present strong evidence and claims.

5.They can suggest credible quotes.

Connecting with a credible writing company can help you select effective quotes to include in your announcement. They can suggest the type of quotes that can fit your story.

Quotes provides a human element to your news. People can connect easily and engage if there is a human interest. Moreover, it makes the claims more stronger because people who have high positions in your company or those who have a strong impact to your news are the ones providing them.

6.They know how to craft short and succinct story.

It is important that you write a succinct and short release. A professional company knows that your release should be kept between 400 to 500 words to maintain the readers’ interest.

It complies with what the media needs. A release that pass this requirement has more chance to land publicity. Of course, this is just one factor.

7.They know the importance of links.

Your announcement should contain links to your website. It allows people to visit your site and learn more about your business and offering.

Links provide the media to easily verify information about your business. They can see what really your business is, your achievements and goals. They are aware that they should not stuffed a release with unnecessary links that can tag your brand as a spam that can lower your ranks on the search engines.

When looking for a company to provide you writing services, search for the ones that have great features and pricing packages. You may want to check service reviews to ensure that you are doing business with the right company.

Working with a legit and credible service can be costly, but provides you with a lot of benefits and better return-on-investment (ROI). Don’t hesitate to pay a higher amount for writing services just to save money, but regret later.

A good company gives you better opportunities and open new doors for your business. You are also more likely to stay on top of the market if you have a consistent content marketing campaign.

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